Who in the world is West Seattle? 

Big-hearted. Independent. Outdoor chic. Unpretentious. With a touch of eccentricity. If we were writing a personal ad for West Seattle, this is how it might begin. Though it’s the largest and oldest neighborhood in the City of Seattle,  West Seattle never has taken itself too seriously. It’s the kind of place that kindles connections at eye level, where neighbors buy “local” and the everyone turns out to share in community rituals. With a quiet confidence, West Seattle leans into the future – full of promise and an undeniable charm that’s hard to beat.

Now just cross that bridge and come join us!


Serving West Seattle since 1989

West Seattle Realty provides full-service real estate representation services to those seeking to sell a property or seeking advice on purchases. We maintain the highest standard of service facilitated by our intimate knowledge of the local real estate landscape.


Client Representation

  • Residential home buyers

  • Residential home sellers

  • Residential rental owners

  • Commercial rental owners

  • Real estate investors 



  • Superior negotiation skills

  • Proven sales results using targeted marketing strategies

  • Excellent community network

  • Strong professional/peer network

  • Extensive property management & leasing experience


A team that is authentic, honest, expressive, and unique

An alternative to the big agencies, West Seattle Realty brokers consistently distinguish themselves as the West Seattle experts by providing a product and service solely unique to West Seattle Realty.


Giving Back

We like where we live and we enjoy supporting our friends in the neighborhood. When you buy or sell a home with West Seattle Realty, we will donate $300 to one of three local non-profit organizations that provide valuable services to our community and whose values we share – West Seattle Food Bank, Westside Baby and Sustainable West Seattle. You can choose which one will receive our donation in your honor.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help! 


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