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Looking for the perfect home in West Seattle? Employ one of our experts to deliver curated results and insights.

West Seattle Realty is special collection of local experts that have been helping their neighbors and working in the neighborhoods that make up West Seattle for years. As a first class Real Estate brokerage and a committed neighbor to the community, West Seattle Realty offers you a local friend in the business and community.


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Why West Seattle Realty?

The focus is on you, your goals, and translating those into success in your search for a new home. We’re proud to serve our clients as friends and neighbors and have for decades, establishing ourselves along the way as the foremost experts in West Seattle Real Estate.


Local Experts Dedicated to the Community

We are dedicated to serving our neighbors and community the best we can. We are the foremost experts in the peninsula, from Admiral to Burien, and have used our careers as a way to build upon the communities we call home and help our clients who we are lucky to have as neighbors and friends.


Know the Full Spectrum of Opportunity and Cost

We hate to say this, but a lot of agents out there aren’t looking to be educators. Being fully informed throughout the entirety of a very complex process is important. Our goal is to infuse confidence in your search by leveraging our knowledge of the local Real Estate market with your search.


Approach Opportunity Prepared and with a Plan

We project manage the entire process with the best legal experts, lenders, and escrow firms. From consultation to close, we’ll take the lead and give you the most expert advise and service, leaving you with peace of mind & time to focus on your busy and evolving life. We make a hard process easy.


Our Values, Mission, and Promise to Our Customers

We derive our values and mission from our friends, family, and home. What’s most important to us is to be the local expert and neighbor you trust with you and your family’s biggest investment. It’s important to work with people who value the same things in life as yourself. Check ours out.