Blair DeWeese


West Seattle offers so many things I used to travel to see and do, now I get to do them with friends, all the time.

I like fixing things and helping people, and like most people I want to work on something important and make a difference.  When our family moved to Seattle, we had to move three times in three years.  I gained a new appreciation for how important, and how stressful, it can be to find a place to live that you really love, or to get the maximum value out of your home investment.  I do everything I can to help every client have the experience that was so important to me when they buy or sell their home.

For 20+ years I have sought out jobs where I can help people and make a difference.  I owned a donut shop that was a cornerstone of my neighborhood in Memphis, TN, where I’m from.  I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer working on municipal projects in Honduras.  And I performed sales & marketing for a major medical company that makes implants that help people get their active lives back.

We live in West Seattle right across the street from Lincoln Park, and we couldn’t be happier.  My wife Brandy is able to work at the top of her field as a health care provider here.  Our high school son Noah, or middle school daughter Abi, and our toddler Ruah, are also thriving in this amazing neighborhood.

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